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f2-large Wasted And Wounded

When industry caters to eye candy and the average show bike sees limited road use exactly when do you take the risk of letting function precede form, and how far do you let one dictate the result of the other? In Will Ramsey’s mind there is no question, function always dictates the end result and the details are defined by the theory. At Faith Forgotten Choppers performance is the main goal with every bike created to be ridden and built to be beaten on.


Daytona Bike Week ‘16

For those of us that have joined the ranks of veterans of the whole motorcycle rally experience, sometimes the hustle and bustle of Main Street can get to be a bit much, downright irritating at times. There are several things that you could just as well do without, one of them is the guy that shows up to Bike Week for the first time with his list of must dos:

1. Ride down Main Street
2. Get a t-shirt from Boot Hill
3. Get good and drunk
4. Get a black eye from a real biker!


Low Brow Customs Bar Swapping

Swapping out the handlebars and grips on your motorcycle makes a big change visually as well as in handling. This step-by-step article will walk you through the process and ensure that you are completely comfortable in the knowledge that you can tackle this project in less than an hour and be back on the road.


Jester’s Live: Daytona Has A Brand New Gig

While thousands poured into Daytona for the typical biker jocularity that has become the Spring Opener, a few of us long timers wondered what new amenities would be at the seventy fifth running of Florida’s big game for bikes. As it would happen, the new big deal would come to light inside of the largest event site Daytona has known since the Speedway: Bruce Rossmeyer’s Destination Daytona.


2017 Victory Octane

I have a long-standing affection for Mustang cars. I know more about them than most other makes and models, because they have been my auto obsession ever since I almost bought one when I was 15 years old. We went for a test drive in a ’66 4-speed in Augusta, Maine. It unfortunately got stuck in second gear, and that sealed my fate: I ended up with a tan Subaru as my first car—not nearly as cool and definitely not conducive to the tinkering I had dreamed of as an Outsiders-influenced wannabe greaser child.


Throttle Junkie Tech

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