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f2-large Speed King’s Black Sheep
Jeff Cochran Builds A Personal Ride

Article By: Will Ramsey - Faith Forgotten Choppers
Photos By: Jeff Cochran

I was thrilled when Chris asked me to write a feature on Jeff Cochran’s personal bike. Without question, Jeff is one of my favorite builders in the industry. He has been building super clean, retro-style choppers and bobbers for over 15 years. Jeff has literally built hundreds of wicked cool Shovelheads in his career, and as a result, he has earned a reputation for turning out dependable motorcycles with some of the cleanest lines in the business. I was inspired by his work before I even picked up a gas torch and started trying to fuse metal with heat. Every time I saw a Jeff Cochran bike in a magazine, I spent days just burning the image into my brain. This is what a well built ride should look like.

Smoke And Mirrors Born Free Five
Indian Larry Motorcycles And Cycle Source Go West

Article & Photos By: Chris Callen

Where do I start with a trip that is beyond the definition of epic? People will tell you that this is a word that is too often overused, but there is honestly not another term I can come up with to describe a trip that contained several once in a lifetime experiences. So I will tell you the story, and you can come up with the word to describe it at the end.


Pandemonium Custom Shop Tech
The High Life Project Part 6

Article By: Daniel Donley At Pandemonium Custom Choppers

Last month we got the bike all mocked up, then tore down for finish welding, and then got everything sandblasted and prepped for the powder coater. So off we go to spend a day at the powder coater!

Prior to powder coating, Mylar tape is used to protect the areas on the parts that we don’t want powder coated. Silicon plugs are also used for protecting threaded or small holes from the powder coating process.


Full Throttle Rock
The Lockin’ Music Festival

Article And Photos By: Beanre

Before I even begin to describe this music festival, I have to explain what sets the music and crowd apart from others. The Grateful Dead set a style of music that was never easily labeled. No other band plays live the way they did. They came out on the stage without introduction, and then just kind of played like they were tuning their instruments. Sometimes they would go into different riffs that you may or may not recognize, and then eventually enter into one of their songs. In the middle of these songs, they would go off into long jam sessions that made you forget what song they were originally playing until they returned to it. They could take a 4 minute song and play it for a half hour or even longer. They never really finished as they just kept on jamming from one song to the next.


Scooter Tramp Scotty’s
The Endless Highway Part Two

Last month, in part one of this little tale, I told you about 2 of 3 motorcycle drifters: Panhead Billy Burrows and Bean’re. This month I will tell you about the last of the trio, myself – Scooter Tramp Scotty.

Since the spring of 1994, I’ve stayed in no one place for longer than two months. These exploits cover the whole of the US, Canada, and Mexico too. Through the years I’ve gained the ability to simply move into any town, make it my home, then stay as long as I like. It’s now easier for me to move around than it is to stay in one place. How was such a thing achieved, one might ask? Well... Read More...

Throttle Junkie Tech

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