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f2-large A Shovel That Was Built With
Diamonds And Rust

Article & Photos By: Chris Callen

When you look back over your life, one of the only things you can really count on as any kind of proof you were alive on this planet is the effect you’ve had on other people, specifically the generations behind you. Through the magazine, I have been lucky enough to have this happen several times, but none have had the impact like the story I am telling here. I was 19 when I got my first Harley, and during that first year, I made some friends that would end up being lifelong brothers.


The El’ Diablo Run 2013
Doing Your Own Thing

Article & Photos By: Ian Smith – Americana Speed Shop

The 5th edition of the El Diablo Run, hosted by Biltwell, Inc., took place May 23-27 in Baja, Mexico. The story of how I, Boss Ross Lenoir, and Bill Goodwin pulled off a Mexican motorcycle adventure began much earlier -- October of 2012 to be exact. Bill, Ross and yours truly, along with our other brothers, Whitey, Kustom Jeff, and Loaf started a riding club, Inbreds RC, back in May 2012. Around that same time we saw a screening of EDR – A Mexican Motorcycle Adventure: a documentary style DVD that chronicled the 2011 edition of the run. Our wheels began to turn, preliminary plans were proposed and a drop-dead date for a decision was established. We gave ourselves until Thanksgiving 2012 to really make a decision.


What You didn’t Know
10 Questions With Cole Foster

Cole Foster has been constructing rolling works of metal art since 1989. Son of Hall of National Drag Race Fame member Pat Foster, Cole creates cars that are so clean they don’t have lines -- they simply flow, as evident from the numerous magazine features written on these customs. In 2001, Cole built “The Blue Bike,” a bobber style motorcycle that promptly set the bike world on its collective ear. The bike was featured on Speed Channel’s Corbin’s Ride on TV and on TNN with Popular Hot Rodding TV plus no less than 50 magazines worldwide. Cole’s designs are timeless, stylistic and subtle yet making a screaming statement collectively with the final product. Passionate and obsessive in the pursuit of the perfect custom is what defines Cole Foster the artist.


Zach Hitches A Ride To
Smokeout Number Fourteen

Article By Zach Williams
Photos By: Kerri Schindler

If you have ever traveled with Cycle Source or Chris Callen in your life, you know that what I’m about to tell you is 100% truth. And for those that have heard the stories, you will agree, because the stories that are told about these trips are so far off the wall that there is no way that you can make them up. This is my weekend with Chris and the boys from Big House Pete. It all started about three weeks before the Smoke Out when my bike came down with an illness. It was confirmed that my rings were going to need replaced as well as my pushrods. I was pretty bummed out because I had my heart set on going to see old friends and have some good times down in Rockingham at The Horse Smoke Out. So, out of the blue, I called up Chris and asked him....


Smoke & Mirrors
Indian Larry Block Party Number 9

Article And Photos By Chris Callen

This past year would mark the ninth Indian Larry Motorcycles’ Block Party and man this has got to be one of my favorite events of the year. Now this is not because of the location, I mean running around New York City on a chopper is badass, but that’s not what makes it. It’s not because of the fact that you see celebrities and freaks, not even the incredible bikes that show up. This event is my favorite for the fact that it lives up to its name. There are no superstar headliners, no hype, and no pretentious cliques. No, the block party is exactly what it sounds like -- just kids from the neighborhood who come together for a celebration in the street. With this in mind, I had changed my approach to being on the street that day.


Throttle Junkie Tech

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