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f2-large Dead At Nineteen From Faith Forgotten
Vegas Editor's Choice Winner

Article and Photos By: Chris Callen

Any of you have heard me talk about Will in the capacity of the cat that has been in charge of my nutrition lately. More will recognize him for the killer tech articles that he has in the magazine each month, but this time around we get to show you a comprehensive look into what Will Ramsey considers the perfect motorcycle. This Shovel was selected by our own Roadside Marty as the Cycle Source magazine's "Editor's Choice" award winner in Vegas during Artistry in Iron this past year. From front to back, it is the perfect example of form and function. After spending most of his life in the gym and bar businesses, Will had come to an epiphany: he was ready to move on with his life. Well, that actually came from a near fatal crash on a Roadking doing a hundred miles an hour...

Biketoberfest 2012
Roadside And Darren On The Road

Article By: Darren McKeag

October means many things to many people. For those of us in the two-wheeled world, especially in the Midwest, it typically means one last month of riding. For me personally, it means another chance to head south to Florida, hangout with my second in command, brother Roadside, and ride motorbikes across Florida, specifically Daytona for another great week at Willie's Tropical Tattoo... Read More...

The Church Of What's Happening
Tommy Grahger's Garage

Article By: Magoo
Photos By: Hannah Longo

Tommy Granger is a Jersey Shore legend. The man will do anything to help a brother out. The words above his garage door read: To all who enter The Church, may you be as lucky as I am to have such true friends. Tommy has many true friends. When you are Tommy's friend, you are family. You can't miss him when he shows up on his '64 Shovel or in his '23 Studebaker, "Contraption." Tommy has built and worked on plenty of motorcycles and hotrods in his garage in Farmingdale, NJ, and has a huge network of friends through which he can get anything done. This is a little insight into his garage known as The Church of What's Happening, a NJ. oasis that Tommy and his wife, Tuuli, have lovingly created. This past year, Tommy celebrated his 60th birthday and the party was epic. We pulled up....

Twisting A Downtube At Indian Larry Motorcycles
Where Real Custom Begins

Article By: Bobby Seeger
Photos By: Deb Fitch

When Indian Larry was asked to do a second Biker Build-Off, he was looking at what he had to do to go up against Billy Lane. As most know, Billy wasn't a slacker in building motorcycles, but the thought of doing something he had just come up with was what Larry had in mind. What many people don't know is that Larry's motorcycle known as the "Wild Child" is the second ever twisted down tube frame ever made. Timothy White is the owner of the first one that's called "Rolex." Anyway, Timothy is still out riding his bike just about daily. It still holds tight and strong as does the "Wild Child," which has come to stay inside our Indian Larry Motorcycles' showroom for many world travelers to.. Read More...

Selecting And Preparing A Tungsten Electrode For Welding
Tig Welding Tips N Tricks

Article By: Will Ramsey - Faith Forgotten Choppers

This tech article is intended to be an introduction and simplification of selecting and preparing a tungsten electrode for welding. There are a lot of guys (and some gals) out there just starting to mess around with their new TIG welders. Hopefully this tech will help you get started on the right foot and avoid some of the common mistakes made when grinding an electrode. As always please feel free to give me a call with any questions you have. Will Ramsey - Faith Forgotten Choppers Tungsten electrodes have additional alloying elements designed to improve performance. Each alloying element is designated by the color on the end of the electrode... Read More...

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