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f2-large Doug's Celtic Panhead
Paul Cox Twists One Up With This Braided Frame On

Article By: Paul Wideman
Photos By: Russell Clark

A few years ago, I saw this incredible downtube being constructed on Paul Cox's blog. I was blown away. There are a handful of guys that are capable of some really mind blowing details and fab work, but when I saw the braided downtube on the Celtic Pan, I knew that only Paul was the one to think all of this through and make it look so organic. The way two of the braids wrap around the neck and the third serves as a stress bar is just one great example of how Paul is in a class all his own. And that's why Doug Craig found himself in Paul's shop many years ago talking about chassis and bike building. Fast forward...

2012 Year In Review
Where Do We Go From Here

So it's hard to believe that we are coming up on 2013. If you are reading this, then it's quite likely the Mayans were in fact wrong and we are all going to have to deal with the reality that nothing is going to hit a worldwide reset button. We will be the only thing that can make change in our lifetime and we better just get to work. With that said, let's take a look at this year in motorcycling. For the Cycle Source crew, this year was an absolute blast. It was our fifteenth anniversary year and on top of building and giving away a killer Kustoms Inc./ Chop Docs' chopper to honor the decade and a half of decadence, we also threw three epic parties: one in Brooklyn, one in Sturgis and one in Vegas. This was more than I could have dreamed back in the first couple of issues, and looking back at it today, well I guess we're a pretty lucky group. Rally TV...

The 2012 Source Awards
Your Picks Of This Year's Best From The Motorcycle Industry

2012's motorcycling's Man of the year Bobby Seeger - Indian Larry Motorcycles Many of you know this man and his family, the incredible motorcycles they build out of their Brooklyn, NY shop and the world class event that's going into it's tenth year: The Block Party. Booby Seeger and his wife Elisa are involved in this community to the point that whether it's their home or either shop, Indian Larry Motorcycles or Genuine Motorworks, they are always willing to open their doors. The reason so many people voted for him was that the past year has been hard for both the Seegers. They faced tragedy in a manner that few of us might believe we would be capable to do in the same way...

Top Ten Bikes Of 2012
Your Picks Of Our Best Feature Bikes This Year

Each year, we hold our annual "Year in Review" nominations and votes. It's been nearly sixteen years now doing the magazine, but this is the most treasured issue since we get to take a look at all we've done and everyone who has joined in the ride with us over the past twelve issues. It can get kinda crazy with a small staff doing a magazine every thirty days, and sometimes we are going so fast that we don't get to tell everyone how much it means to us that they believe in Cycle Source enough to let us display their work on our pages. Hopefully this annual "Year In Review" serves as our big thank you to the builders, our advertisers, industry friends and most importantly, to our readers who have made this all such a blast!

Faith Forgotten Choppers To The Rescue
Flexible Shape Pattern

Article By: Will Ramsey - Faith Forgotten Choppers

In October, Bobby Seeger (Indian Larry Motorcycles) asked me to fix a polished aluminum gas tank that had been damaged in a wreck. We determined that the best course of action was to completely replicate the tank. I was thrilled to discover that the tank had originally been designed and built by Lock Baker (Eastern Fabrications). Lock has a very artistic eye and has built some incredible gas tanks which capture very unique shapes. It is an honor for me to replicate one of his tanks.

Replicating a tank is much more difficult than simply "freestyle" fabricating a one-off tank. When banging out a new design, it tends to be a combination of... Read More...

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