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f2-large It Started As The Shop Bike But Couldn't Stay
The Turkey Vulture

Article And Photos By: Chris Callen

Right off the bat I'm sure the name of this bike strikes you as odd. I know that the crew I run with has a sick sense of humor, so I have learned over the years not to question too much of their tricks. When it comes to a feature bike though, I have to ask the question on behalf of the readers. So what the hell is with that name? As it turns out , Josh Hall, the owner of the Buzzard here, is originally from the Midwest but moved to Georgia.

This happened right after losing his mother and he made a comment to Jeremy Johnson, the builder, that everywhere he went he saw eagles' flying, like his mom was watching down over him. Jeremy, being the slick southern prick that he is, busted the poor cat's bubble and told him they weren't eagles, just some damn buzzards hovering over some road kill. But the truth is....

2012 Big Mountain Run
The Old Time Rally That's Only 4 Years Old

Article By: Ryan Augustine and J.J. Phipps
Photos By: Kerri Schindler, Ryan, Poncho, Darren McKeag, Bean're And Chris Callen

I almost love to hear other people's stories about the BMR more than the ones I have collected myself. This year however, there were two stories that were sent in for consideration: one from a rider taking his first big road trip and the other was attending his first BMR. Each one provided unique perspectives of our annual event so we have decided to let you have them both.

In closing, thanks to Mickey Fouts, the owner of the Tellico Biker Rally, for our new digs and for putting up with our crazy asses, all our staff, all the builders and Wicked Willy's Choppers....

Wink Eller Teams Up With S&S On
Project –X Wedge

Article By:Wink Eller
Photos By: Lisa Ballard

So I feel compelled to set this up a little bit. It was years ago when S&S first released the X-Wedge engine that I was immediately impressed with it, but it was just two short years ago that I got the chance to ride Scott Sjovall's, head of R&D at S&S, that I started to understand how fast one could be. Scott's bike, for anyone that missed that issue, is disgustingly fast on another level of what I have ever known in the V-Twin industry. So near the beginning of this year when I heard that not only was S&S interested in setting one of these up for a run at Bonneville, but the project would be headed up by one of the father's of modern motorcycle landspeed racing, Mr. Wink Eller, I was giddy like a kid....

The Clutch On The '49 was A Little Sketchy
Upgrading To The Scorpion

Article And Photos By: Chris Callen

It's no secret that I love my '49, and riding a hardtail jockey shift everywhere from the city of Brooklyn to the hills of Tennessee has been a blast. I would change almost nothing about this bike, but lately the clutch has been kinda sketchy. Now I've had every half-ass, wire-tied-together motorcycle before this, but to think of how perfect this bike is in every other way, something like a weak clutch system is just a bug in the ass....

Unplugged And Heavy As Hell

Article By: Sara Liberte.

When I heard ANAKA was doing an acoustic session album I was totally intrigued; I couldn't wait to check it out. I mean, these guys are a pretty heavy band and hopefully you have had a chance to see them out since we wrote about them here in Full Throttle Rock last year. This Brooklyn powerhouse features brothers Peter Pallis on guitar and Jimmy Pallis who sings lead vocals, Karl Andreassen on bass guitar, Tony Heredia is on drums, and newest member, Matt Bene, also plays guitar....

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