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f2-large Sick Knuckle
Doug's Obsession For Old Bikes Comes To Life

Article By: Chris Callen
Photos By: Steve Kelly

I remember the first time I met Doug from Sick Boy. It wasn't where most people will find him, hustling shirts at his stores in any of the big rallies. No, I saw him go flying by on an old Knucklehead that I was immediately in love with. It was as basic as you can say a Knuckle is with a little tank that had a bitchin' paint job on it. A little bobber, but man it was in a sea of super choppers at Daytona and stuck out like a sore toe; I love that too. All these years later, knowing that Doug works h i s business like he lives his life, and rides that Knuck, at 110 miles an hour, it makes sense that the name of his company is Sick Boy...


Ten Days Of Riding Racing And Rockin'
Ohio Bike Week 2012

Article By: Sara Liberte
Photos By: Sara Liberte & Kerri Schindler

It had been a few years since we last zipped over to Sandusky for Ohio Bike Week, so we decided to gear up and check out the scene. Our curiosity meter was peeked to see what this event had turned into since our last visit. To our surprise, we found out that not many people are even aware that Ohio has a bike week event. I find this a little odd since Ohio is in the top 5 states with registered riders, not to mention the surrounding states are in that top 5 as well. Ohio Bike Week started in 2000 as a State HOG rally and has since moved up from a "long weekend event" to a full blown 10 day rally filled with riding, racing and plenty of great music. Our crew consisted of mostly the PA staff due to logistics...

Bean'res Purple Power
A Different Kind Of Test Ride

Article By: Rob Keller
Photos By: Bean're

This all started while we were on a ride to the fourth annual Big Mountain Run. As we were taking a break from some laps through Deal's Gap, also known as the Dragon's Tail, Bean're said that I should do a test ride article on his motorcycle. I thought he was joking! All I could think about was the vision that is still stuck in my head of Sturgis 2008 when we watched Bean're and Charlie Ransom trick riding on our first annual ride through the Black Hills. We were in a small town called Hoover, population 7, and the challenge to stand up on the seat of their motorcycles was entertaining all of us. Those two were riding through the fields and really getting it. Just then, Bean're hit a groundhog hole and was immediately ejected from his bike...


Lowering Your Standards
Fork Lowering At Pandemonium

Article By: Daniel Donnley
Photos By: Kerri Schindler

Hydraulic type front suspensions have been used on many bikes for a lot of years. This month I am going to show you how to lower the front forks on a Yamaha XS650. The basics of this tech can be applied to any front forks, metric or American. This is an affordable alternative to having to buy shorter fork tubes to lower your bike. So let's get into this! The first thing you need to do is to take your forks off of the bike and drain the oil from them by removing the small drain screws from the fork legs.

Full Throttle Rock – Glenn Hughes
We Sit Down With A Bass Legend

Article By: Sara Liberte

I was told I would be interviewing Glenn Hughes for Full Throttle Rock, I was immediately intimidated. I'm not gonna lie, I felt I had no place interviewing this music legend whose career has spanned well over 30 years. I don't know much about music technically, I never studied it, I don't know how to read it and I don't know all specific terms used for it. I just know what I like. I happen to think I have pretty amazing taste in music, ranging from classical to heavy hitting rock, jazz to funk, but it's all good; I know good music. I also know Glenn Hughes and how amazing he is. Glenn is the cream of the crop as far as musicians go. Nervous as hell, I call him on his cell like he asked of me. I was so gracious of his time as he is currently recording his 3rd album with Black Country Communion...

Throttle Junkie Tech

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