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f2-large Kiwi Mike's Board Tracker

Article And Photos By: Chris Callen

There are people you will meet in this life that you just know are doing exactly what they should be. Kiwi Mike Tomas is just such a person. A happy go lucky man with a quick wit and a keen fondness for cracking jokes about Harleys, he sits at the top of the pile when it comes to those accomplished in the Indian motorcycle ways. It's been a long hard road for Mike, although he would never let on, since what he does doesn't actually fit into any of the categories out there. On one hand, he is an Indian guru, with more available knowledge about Indian motorcycles and their design than probably any one alive today. This puts him outside the circle of custom builders since he is more of an antique guy.

Choppafornia Dreaming

Article By: Jack Shit & Milwaukee Mike
Photos By: Bart Mitchell

I got the sickness and I've got it real bad. The only known cure for it is knees in the breeze and a prescription for some two-wheeled therapy. I can't believe that it is only mid December and winter has already hit me so hard. Not only has it hit me in my wallet but in my spirit as well. By this time each year, I've got a few extra bucks on hand and start some type of winter project. Whether it is working on repairing the damage I've done to the Knuckle in the previous months, working with others on their builds and trying to learn something, or pulling off some major project at home, I've always got something happening. This year I had big plans to build the lil woman's XS 650 and not having the cash on hand for it, really took the gas out of my proverbial tank. Read More...

Panheads Forever
Roadside Interviews David Allan Coe

Article By: Roadside Marty
Photos Courtesy Of: DAC

David Allan Coe is no stranger to the motorcycle scene. When I was growing up, I heard his music being around my father and his friends. I always saw ads for the X-rated stuff in the back of Easyrider Magazine. I even snuck a copy of the old man's EZ with Coe's interview in it and always thought he was a badass. It wasn't until I was a little older and had experienced life and love that I started listening to his music, not just hearing it. Songs like "Please Come To Boston" and "She Used To Love Me A Lot," really took on a new meaning. They made me feel and identify what he was saying once I had a way to apply their words to my own life. Now over the years I've been fortunate enough to see him play at clubs and at the Iron Horse Saloon during bike week.

Saving Handy Industries

Article & Photos By: Chris Callen & Tim Anding

About a year ago, I heard the news that Handy Industries decided to close their doors. This was a huge blow for the American manufacturing effort since there are so many foreign motorcycle lift options. This was not only a good company out of the Midwest but their product is as common in a motorcycle shop today as the motorcycle itself. Almost immediately I began to hear that there were new people coming to the rescue of that company and after reaching out to them, we decided to drive to Iowa to see their operation. What we discovered in our visit was that Janco Industries, the company behind the standard grey motorcycle lift, is an example of modern American manufacturing in action. They may have the road map for how other American companies can turn this whole thing around. Janco is a company that Ron Jansen started in 1993.

Hand Fabbed Tank

Article & Photos By: Will Ramsey

I am honored to have been asked by Chris to write a tech article for Cycle Source this month. I decided to write about my favorite part of building a bike fabricating the gas tank. Although most of this tech will demonstrate the use of an air power hammer to shape the metal, there is nothing that I do with the hammer that cannot be done with hand tools. I have built many tanks with hand tools only and the principles are all the same. The hammer just allows me to do it faster. The quality of the finished product is simply a result of the time and effort you put into it. This will be a 4 part tech article. Part 1: focusing on design and metal shaping Part 2: welding, planishing, and metal finishing weld seams. Part 3: finishing the tank and mounting Part 4: pressure testing and sealing the tank I hope you find something of interest in this article. Please feel free to call me as I love talking about this stuff. Read More...

Throttle Junkie Tech

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