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f2-large Too Cool To Be A Hipster
Sweet Belinda
Too Rad To Be A Straight

Article By: Milwaukee Mike
Photos By: Chris Callen

When I asked Vander, the owner and builder of this Panhead, 'Why the name Belinda?' he told me it was because no one did it for him like Belinda Carlisle of Go-Go's fame. Being a child of the eighties myself, I guess I could only agree, so Belinda is this beautiful bike's name and like the former pop star, it has only gotten better with age. If you don't believe me, check out how she looks these days. Vander also informed me that he gives all his bikes female names. He does this to remind himself that although they may be stunningly beautiful, they can also make your life miserable when they don't cooperate. That is why the other nickname for this bike is Mother F**ker. So despite its sometimes temperamental nature, it stops you dead in your tracks and makes you realize why we do what we do; it is for pure love.Read More...

Times They Are A Changin'
2001 Year In Review

Article By: Chris Callen and Athena Ransom

I believe in the years to come that history will look back on the year 2011 as the year the world lost its mind. The economy showed no end in sight to the long recession that swept the globe and in the face of more tough times, people began to wear down. It became a time for significant change that saw the death of Osama Bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi marking the end of huge proponents of American hatred. On Halloween of 2011, we welcomed the seven billionth person born, as the world at large saw a firm line drawn in the sand between the haves and the have-nots. The labor unions were under harsh attack during the year, an issue that came to a head in Wisconsin. A proposed Union Busting law was defeated and at least for the time being, people kept the right of collective bargaining. This year would see the passing of Steve Jobs from Apple, the Packers beating the Steelers in the Superbowl...

The '11 Source Awards
Your Picks For Last Year's Best From The Motorcycle Industry

2011's Best Production Model motorcycle The Harley-Davidson Blackline Harley-Davidson has really done some great work with their Dark Custom line of motorcycles as far as youth outreach goes. That's an official way to say, "gnarly as hell." As keen an eye as they have had for the growing group of young people, they must also realize that a number of GenXers are getting to an age where they want a little more than a Sportster. The Blackline was a new Softail model released early for the 2011 model year and has been turning heads ever since. For continuing to follow what we love to do, we are happy to name the Blackline as the 2011 Cycle Source Readers' Production Model of the Year!  

Dark Custom Go A Step Further
The Blackline
A Cycle Source First Ride

Article By: Rob Keller
Photos By: Riles and Nelson

The history of the Softail is a tale of innovation that has taken the motorcycle industry on a 40 year ride into the world of modern day style and comfort. A place where our past meets the future and nostalgia lives on. Since Harley Davidson began manufacturing motorcycles in 1903, they have captured the imagination of free spirited Americans everywhere. With every new model year, comes decade after decade of creative designs and new innovations. Every engine from the Flathead, Knucklehead and the Panhead were mounted on hardtail frames. This means there was no rear suspension except for a hard rubber tire and a spring seat..  

Building A Twisted Tank
With Kai Morrison

Article And Photos By: Lemme

Well, I'm back in hopes that your taste in reading hasn't improved any, so here it goes. I was sitting in the driver's seat, putting some miles on my home, enjoying a bottle of Vicodin and contemplating the useless nature of wide motorcycles. First off, they suck to turn, they make for dangerous lane splitting, and they leave too much room for a potential fat chick to sit on: nothing good. But what if you need more fuel capacity?

What then? Of course you can crudely fashion steel to hold some extra fuel, but making it look good is a whole different sheet of music. I pointed my house in the direction of Twisted Choppers and set out to find Kai Morrison, sheet metal extraordinaire, and part-time hair farmer. I took a couple photos while he stretched out a Sporty tank and we argued about really important international problems like the comical value of the short name "Dick" in place of "Richard" and our maturity, among other things. Read More...

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