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f2-large And They Headed West
Born Free Three

Article And Photos By: Milwaukee Mikei 

After hearing the epic tales of the boys from Bravetown and the crew from JR’s taking the long road out to California for what was, in their minds, the best chopper show in recent history, I was quite intrigued to check out the Born Free III event that took place last month in Irvine Lake, CA. It also afforded me a chance to go see my boys from Phoenix. I got to catch up with some of the bikes that they have been working on in preparation for what could be the last Born Free show ever. .

Shop Hoppin' To ACME Choppers
Wicked Cool Parts From A Hard Workin' Crew

Article By: And Photos By: Chris Callen

Last month we got a chance to run by the 5,000 square foot facility (approx.) of ACME Choppers in Laconia, New Hampshire. There, Wayne and Jason Ahlquist have been going about the business of turning their passion of all things mechanical into an incredible shop filled with extremely talented individuals who can make just about anything you can dream up. These two brothers make a very well matched set as business partners and have been at it on a full time basis since 2005. Having just moved into their new space, they have been stretching out, coming into their own and laying down the foundation for the next decade of their story. I’ve been a fan of their style for some time now. .

The Knuckle Shuffle 
 Jeremy "Rodeo" Gilbert Puts On A Run For Teach's Kids

Article By: Milwaukee Mike Photos By: Fred Mathews

AWhile I was at the Cincinnati V-Twin Expo, Jeremy “Rodeo” Gilbert of S&S Cycle came up with a great idea. It was to help one of our own Cycle Source brothers and give back to the future of motorcycling. Jeremy wanted to come up with a way for friends, family and supporters to chuck a little dough to support the incredible work that Kevin “Teach” Baas does on a daily basis, when school is in session, of course. For those of you that just got back from outer space and are not aware of who Teach is or what he does, he is one of the few people 
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Hand Spun
Spinning A 12 Gauge Steel Fender At Bare Knuckle Choppers

Article By: Paul Wideman Photos By: Nichole Grodski

The first time I looked into metal spinning, I was in complete awe. I was a young gearhead and had always heard the old timers talk about “spun” fuel cells on the front of their dragsters. Not long after, I saw the Mooneyes’ oil tanks in a catalog. Again, the term “spun.” I had no idea what the hell these guys were talking about, and over and over again I tried to figure out how they were spinning metal into cylindrical shapes. So I did some research on the Internet. Man was I blown away by what I saw. And the sound! There’s nothing cooler than a wheel on a scissor tool wiping across a large diameter circle of steel. 

Black Sunshine Customs'
Suicidal Imbecile
Some Things Ya' Gotta' Work Out

Article By: Chris Callen Photos By: Jeff Cochran - 

Brian Elliott is the kind of guy I like to call a sleeper. He quietly goes about the business of building his bikes, making his parts and speaks with a pretty even tone. That’s why you don’t realize what it is that he’s up to until you take a minute and look closer at some of his work. That’s when it hits you and wham, in your face are some of the finest hand crafted parts and details on motorcycles anywhere. That’s the case with the “Suicide Imbecile” that you see here before you. It looks like a little Sporty job and you might not think much more of it until you look close, hear the story and start to appreciate what he put into it. The funny thing is that Brian never built a Sporty before. He’s always been a Big Twin kinda guy and the chance to get into a four cam just never presented itself. A previous business partner of his, Mike

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